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Подскажите, где скачать сценарии уроков-игр по-английскому языку для начальной школы?

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Могу предложить из своего личного опыта один урок.
Teacher: Good morning, boys and girls!

P: Morning, Flura Gumarovna!

T: How are you today?

P: Fine, thanks and you?

T: Very well, thanks. Let's begin our lesson.

T: Adam and Sally have got many toys. What toys have they got? Let's listen to the song "Look at my toys". The pupils listen and say: P: Adam has got a drum, a boat, a bike, a yoyo and a kite. P: Sally has got a doll, a ball, a plane, a yoyo and a train.

T: Now let's repeat the names of the toys (choral and individual repetition).

Let's play the game "What is missing?"

(The pupils close their eyes and at the same time the teacher hides one of the pictures on the board) T: Open your eyes. What is missing? P: It is a ball. T: Is it a doll? P: No, it isn't T: Is it a ball? P: Yes it is.

T: Let's play another game. It is called "Chain"

Pupil 1 begins by saying a toy, e.g. a kite. Pupil 2 repeats this and adds another toy, e.g. a kite, a yoyo. Pupil 3 repeats this adds another toy, e.g. a kite, a yoyo, a balloon. The rest of the class can help where necessary. When Pupil 6 has added the last toy, the whole class must chant the complete list of six toys.

T: Our toys are coloured and I also have got a lot of balloons . What colour are they? (Choral and individual repetition). Now hold up your coloured pencils. Alina, show me your red pencil. A: It is my red pencil. Vadim, show me your blue pencil. V: It is my blue pencil.

T: Let's make a beautiful flower. I have got many coloured petals. Come here, take one of the petals and name its colour. T: Look at the toys on the board. What are they? What colour are they e.g P: 1. It is a plane

2. The plane is white

T: Here is the crossword puzzle. You should find seven hidden words. The first one is done for you. Look along the rows and down the columns

d g r e d g r е е n
h k g m j b v о f q
1 b l a с k h r j b
у e l l о w f a n l
b n m p l p s п m и
p i n k l u с g о e
a i i a а г v е t g

T: Now open your workbook to page 19:5

You must colour in the picture of the balloon, following the code. So every space on the picture that is labelled with a number 1 must be coloured black, every space that is labelled with a number 2 must be coloured green, and so on. (The teacher goes round the class helping where necessary. Pupils can compare their pictures when they have finished).

Let's turn back to page 18, to the pictures of the toys. (Pupils find and circle the words in the pencil then write the words beside the pictures).

What have you learnt today at the lesson? Let's remember. (Teacher asks the individual pupils)

Now it is the time to write down your homework. It is ex.1 p.17 Draw your favourite toys and bring the pictures to the next lesson.

Now children, the lesson is over. Good luck!

Florah Williams · 8 месяцев назад

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