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Помогите написать текст 20-25 предложений на английском языке про Санкт-Петербург?

popnoname · больше 7 лет назад · 1 ответ

Тема: я хотел бы жить в санк-петербурге потому, что ....
Что привликает?

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Иолант · больше 7 лет назад

Я не знаю, то ли это, но все же :)

I would like to live in St. Petersburg
Petersburg - a city that is hard to describe with words! It attracts all: architecture, history.
For example - the Hermitage. How much is associated with it? Behind each door - the secret!

The city has over 200 museums! It means a lot to the overall development.

Brilliant, St. Petersburg became a center of art of the Silver Age - here lived and created Gumilev, Aleksandr Blok and Anna Akhmatova. When you walk through the streets of this city, it seems that all fanned the spirit of antiquity.
Though now we will meet a great writer.

Also, St. Petersburg - a city where you can become a great artist. Every landscape can be depicted on a canvas, because it is creation.

St. Petersburg - the largest scientific center of Russia. There can be good, and most importantly - a quality education. Here in St Petersburg, Dmitri Mendeleev was the periodic table.
Nobel himself lived and worked in of St.-Petersburg. There is a National Library, which gives a great advantage.

St. Petersburg has extensive foreign relations. The city periodically days of culture from other cities and countries. In 2007, the city with the support of Chinese authorities in East faculty at the University opened the Confucius Institute.

I believe that St. Petersburg - it's an incredible city that is impossible not to visit, where you would like to live, having interests, learning every day, all the new.

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